Friday, August 28, 2015

What does a $5 burger taste like?

Like John Travolta, I too am curious what a $5 shake taste like.  Now when I heard  that McDonald’s had a $5 burger, just the burger, I said, “I gots to know what a $5 burger taste like.”

With $5 in hand I marched my happy self on up to  that counter and ordered a Double Homestyle burger.  What makes this bad boy worth $5?  Is it the pepper mustard? The lettuce? The single slice of pickle or single slice of onion?  None of that. The extra $1 from the regular Homestyle burger is the second piece of dried out bland flavor hamburger patty.

I use to love the Homestyle burger.  When I was a senior in high school there was a McDonalds  across the street from my job and come lunch time I would order at least two every day.  Heck, they were only $1 back then.  Of course this was back when you squeezed the burger juices would flow out of it, like a good burger should do.  I honestly miss those days.

While I just had to know what makes a burger worth $5 sadly I was very disappointed with the answer.  It is so not worth $5 at all.